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Operators are optimistic on real estate

For a sector hugely dependent on the economic dynamics, experts were cautiously optimistic that real estate will recover in the first quarter.The optimism stems from better understanding of the covid-19 virus coupled with the positive moves by the Central Bank Nigeria in foreign exchange regulation, the recent World Bank report of possible 1.1per cent growth […]

Things to know about a tenancy agreement

Tenancy Agreements are used worldwide to define the tenancy relationship, and this is also the case in Nigeria. Contents What is a Tenancy Agreement? Who creates the Tenancy Agreement? Rights of the tenant What a Tenancy Agreement should contain Where to get a Tenancy Agreement What is a Tenancy Agreement? A Tenancy Agreement is a […]

President Muhammed Buhari has warned Agent and DisCos selling prepaid meters to their customers, making note that tough measures will be taken against any electricity distribution company (DisCos). The president said he understands the plight of Nigerians on electricity situation in the country and his administration is determined to deal with bad elements. The federal […]


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