Haulage Service

The key objective of the company is to satisfy the customer by providing a timely and cost-effective service.

The company operates a large fleet of functional trucks equipped with relevant cargo security devices, communications and tracking systems to monitor cargo movement on transit. Despite our security and safety measures, we deploy valid Goods-in-Transit insurance for all categories of cargo to completely secure the goods of our clients.

Today, we have achieved door to door delivery, as we provide total cargo delivery solution in the chain of international freight forwarding and Customs clearance.

Our personnel are trained to monitor customers’ consignments at all levels and stages on transit for safe arrival of the goods. This way, we save time, reduce cost and unnecessary anxiety from clients. We are a multi-modal transport operator, diverse warehousing operator and fleet owner based in Nigeria and with branch offices in other parts of the world. We deliver clients’ cargo when and where they need it and our services are customized to each client’s needs and specifications at competitive prices.


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